Best Grill Thermometers: Ultimate Buying Guide Of 2021

It’s a really tedious job to maintain perfect low and slow BBQ while you are grilling or cooking something. It is tough to keep the temperature of your smoker consistent. If you are cooking something, you need to know the temperature at the grill surface where you are cooking. To check the grill temperature, you need to put your hand inside the cooker, which is risky and uncomfortable. That’s why Grill Thermometer is the only one and the best way to monitor the temperature.

Best Grill Thermometers
Best Grill Thermometers

You can also measure your food’s temperature with Dual-channel thermometers that have high & low alarms also for measuring the ambient temperature of your smoker or grill. Instant-read digital thermometers are perfect for spot-checking steaks and chops while you are grilling in high temperatures.

In this article, we have selected the top 7 best grill Thermometers after reviewing several grill thermometers of countless reviews, quality, and ratings from different consumers.

Quick Summary: Best 5 Grill Thermometers 2021

Best Grill Thermometers (Full Detailed Guide)

1. ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

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  • Wireless meat thermometer with 300FT Remote Range & Hassle-Free Setup: Wireless meat thermometer monitors your food and grill temp up to 300 feet away giving you the freedom to tend to more pressing matters while cooking unlike with Bluetooth meat thermometers which limited range of the only 100FT; BBQ thermometer is pre-synchronized, simply insert batteries and the smoker thermometer is ready for use!
  • Dual Probes for Food and BBQ: Meat thermometer oven safe with highly accurate stainless steel food probe and oven/ grill/ smoker temperature probe, to allow you to monitor both food and ambient temperature simultaneously, making the turkey thermometer especially suitable for long smokes or grilling sessions
  • Food & Ambient Temp Alarm: Set your desired food temp & HI/LOW temp range for your grill or smoker to know when to add more fuel! Smoker thermometer will flash and beep to remind you if the temperature ever goes out your set range; HI/LOW temp range alarm is specially designed for usage with smokers, grills, and BBQ
  • Convenient Kitchen Timer: Grill thermometer features countdown & count up timer can be active while also monitoring meat temperature.
  • Warranty: 3 YEAR! REGISTER your probe thermometer after purchase and INCREASE YOUR COVERAGE FROM 1 YEAR TO 3 YEARS: ThermoPro US Based Customer Service (Phone & Email) 5 Days a Week, reach us at 1877-515-7797 or service@buythermopro; You don’t receive this best in class service from other brands like Thermapen, Thermoworks, Weber iGrill Mini, Meater, Kizen, Habor, Inkbird, Maverick, Taylor, CDN and Polder
  •  Rubber sleeve case 8. Lost link alert 9: The receiver will flash and beep when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature
  • ThermoPro has introduced the ThermoPro TP-08S dual probe digital wireless grill thermometer that allows you to cook by monitoring your food also the oven temperature remotely from 300 feet away. It has TP-08S’s alarm that gives a signal when your food is cooked perfectly at your set temperature range.


  • One of the best things is this grill thermometer is very convenient to set up. It does not require any synchronization. The Transmitter and Receiver are pre-synchronized at manufacturing facilities. You just need to insert the batteries.


  • You can set your temperature manually, the probe and wire can resist heat up to 716°F (380°C). Including alarm, it also has Countdown and counts up timer, Receiver pullout countertop stand & Receiver belt clip.


  • No need to waste money on purchasing an additional cooking timer to keep track of your side dishes, you will get everything in this Thermometer. Be it food preparation, or enjoying your guest’s company, never fret about having to check on your meat regularly.


  • Specifications: Temperature Range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) Temperature Accuracy: 1. 8°F (1°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C) No Synch Required! Simple interface and setup, ready to use the right of the box Resolution: 1° Probe Length: 8. 5″ food grade stainless steel probe and 3″ oven/bbq stainless steel probe Cable Length: 40″ stainless steel mesh cable Remote Range: Up to 300 feet Receiver Display Size: 1. 5×1. Three inches (39×34 mm) Transmitter Display Size: 1×0. 55 inches (26×14 mm) Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food Package Contents: 1 x Digital Thermometer Receiver 1 x Digital Thermometer Transmitter 1 x Food Temperature Probe 1 x Oven/BBQ Temperature Probe 4 x AAA batteries 1 x Manual. This grill thermometer is the best pick in the budget from our list.
  • Focus on core features: This TP-08 gives you all the features that you need, Temperature alerts, Lost Link warning, Countdown and count up timer, Receiver belt clip, and several features too.

  • Excellent Accuracy: One of the best things that you do not need to worry about its accuracy. The TP08 measures temperature within a few degrees when tested with a high-end thermometer.

  • Range:  This TP08 allows you to monitor or control your food up to 300 feet away. This feature gives you the freedom to tend to more important matters while cooking, unlike Bluetooth meat thermometers, which limited range of 100 Ft. The device includes an alarm for if the connection is lost and needs to be checked manually.

  • Uncertainty Button setup:  The button configuration set up is a little confusing. You need to study the user manual to program. There are no up or down buttons, so when you set the temperature in its final, steady-state value, then it is complex to go back around.

  • Settings: This TP-08S grill thermometer doesn’t come with the nine presets.

2. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

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  • Hands-Free Monitor: Wireless digital meat thermometer with dual probe monitors food or oven/grill/smoker temps up to 300 feet away.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: No synch required
  • Large LCD display: It shows both food and oven temps and timer for the most intuitive experience; Back-lit for use in low light condition
  • USDA Preset Temperature Settings
  • Durable and Accurate Probes: Grilling thermometer features food-grade stainless steel probe with step-down tip design to get temperature more precisely and quickly; Probe wires can withstand up to 716°F
  • ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer is a portable meat thermometer. You can check the internal temperature accurately without taking off the grill so that you do not need to touch the meat or use any process to see.


  • This ThermoPro TP20 includes dual-probe technology that enables you to monitor two kinds of meat or use one sensor as an oven probe that will accurately read its surrounding temperature. You do not need to stick together while cooking causes. The dual-probe lets you keep updated about the food temperature at a range of 300 feet away. Clear button wipes out your previous settings, and the Mode button enables you to select your own food temperature.


  • This is a BBQ thermometer with two preset that monitors nine different types of meat and their various levels approved by USDA; All of the preset temps can be reset to your desired tastes. The two probes allow you to insert two different portions of meat.


  • You can get three years warranty. You need to register your wireless thermometer. You will get a brand-new sensor probe by contacting at 877-515-7797 if you find any issue related to temperature readings.
  • Range: The dual device set up means you can tweak temperatures and check cooking time remaining an internal temperature from up to 300 feet away, meaning you can relax indoors or in your favorite spot without having to get up to check the readout every few minutes.

  • Several Features: Durable and Accurate Probe. It allows nine different types of meat. Suitable for use with seafood and poultry as well as red meats. You can set your desired food temperature.

  • Display: It has a Large LCD, and backlit makes it very easy to read day/night or low light condition. And it also gives clear and precise readouts for each of the two meat probes.

  • Size: The TP20 is a quite large and bulky thermometer. Moreover, it comes with two distinct pieces that make it hard to keep.

  • No Bluetooth: This Thermometer does not have a Bluetooth option.

3. Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe Thermometer

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  • Features Include: Larger Backlit Screen Shows more information (you can now see the Custom set alert Temperature at all times), 2 Hybrid Probes are included, Easier controls, and 15 New Preset Temperatures of types of meat to choose from. Making this one of the most sought-after grill accessories.
  • Wireless: Monitor internal temperature of meat from 300 feet away; wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature. The wireless receiver will beep a loss of signal alert if you go out of range for more than a minute.
  • Monitor Two Temperature at Once: Probe wires are 3 feet long and are rated for 716°F; Operated on 4 AAA Batteries Included. Monitors 2 things at once! 1 food & 1 BBQ; or two foods; or 2 BBQs.
  • 15 Preset Temperature: Preprogrammed Temperatures include 15 preset temperatures – 6 for meats, 9 for game meats; All Preprogrammed Temperatures can be reprogrammed to set cooking temperatures to suit your personal taste. It comes with preset temperatures for beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, deer, elk, moose, buffalo, rabbit, boar, duck, bird, and fish.
  • Extra Features: Remote receiver along with the remote transmitter, ambient probe along with meat probe, ambient probe clip and 4 AAA batteries for out of box use.
  • The Maverick ET-733 Copper is the newest long-range wireless meat thermometer by Maverick. This third-generation version introduces many new features to do your cooking and grilling more comfortable and more precise wireless receiver clips onto your belt and fits in your pocket to let you monitor your BBQ wirelessly from indoors or across the lawn. While your meat is grilling, the receiver communicates with the probe to update you in real-time.


  • It consistently displays the meat’s current temperature and can sound an alarm at any temperature you desire for a perfect cook every time. The ET-733 features a larger screen and displays both the target-high and target-low temperatures. Two probes* are included to monitor two specific things at the same time: 1 food and 1 BBQ, 2 unique foods, or two separate BBQs. The new larger screen displays both temperatures all the time. Setting target temperatures is even easier, with NEW preset temperatures for six types of meat and nine-game meats (Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Turkey Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit Boar, Duck, Bird & Fish).


  • This set includes receiver, transmitter, two-hybrid probes, two grill clips Monitors 2 things at once! 1 food & 1 BBQ; or two foods; or 2 BBQS 3-foot probe wires are rated for 716°F Settings are stored even when the receiver is off Customize preset temperatures to personal taste Adjust temperature settings by pressing HI or LO Alarm alerts you when preset temperature is reached Loss of signal alert sounds if you go out of range for more than 60 seconds Generous 300-foot wireless range Select between °F and °C 4 AAA batteries included


  • *Note: 2nd-generation ET-732 model has one meat probe and one smoker probe. And, the newer ET-733 features two meat probes, because, most of the people use this for Grilling and not for smoking. Whenever the temperature crosses your desire temperature, it will automatically give you an alert. Though it can work up to 572 degrees.
  • Two Multipurpose Probes: That can be set up any way you want. Whereas some thermometers give you one dedicated meat and one grill probe, which provides you with less flexibility. It is straightforward to monitor the food temperature for each probe.

  • Trusted Brand: Maverick is an established brand, and you can rely on outstanding customer support. This thermometer provides a lot of quality at a lower price.

  • Quality: Along with excellent build quality, it has a Preset or Manual temperature setting also comes with an alarm.

  • Changing Issue: You need to require a screwdriver to change the batteries. That is annoying if you are out of home, and you do not have any screwdriver.

  • Quit Difficult to Program: You need to study the user manual to program.

  • Less Warranty: This thermometer has only a 90-day warranty, which is shorter compared to other thermometers.

4. Soraken Wireless Bluetooth Digital  Thermometer

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  • Smoker Thermometer: Phone remote monitoring food: this BBQ thermometer will remind you at the very first time, All of these operations can be remotely monitored by your Phone or iPad, Indoor 100ft, Outdoor 170ft (may vary depending on the surroundings).
  • Preset Temperature & Timer: Grilling thermometer has preset temperatures and cooking levels for 11 kinds of food recommended by USDA, you can set a high/low-temperature range and set the timer or reset manually to suit your taste. When time or temps is up, it will beep and flash with backlight. Never worry about overcooking or under-cooking.
  • 6 Probe Simultaneous Monitoring: Comes with four probes(sent in random color), this wireless digital cooking thermometer allows you to monitor six different foods or read grill/oven/smoker surrounding temperature at the same time.
  • Magnetic On Back Function: Cooking thermometer with a strong magnet on the back allows you to attach conveniently it on the grill.
  • What You Get: 1 x Meat Thermometer, 4 x Colorful Probes with Probes(Random Color). 1 x Manual.

The Soraken has introduced Wireless Bluetooth Digital  Thermometer.

  • This Soraken Remote Bluetooth Thermometer has 4 Probes that allows you to accurately cook by monitoring both your Meat and Oven/Smoker/Grill temp remotely from 196 feet away. No tedious setup steps, just one button to turn on/off and backlit. No more hassle of getting up and sitting back down to check on your meat. Just wait for the device/phone alarm, then the delicious food is all ready. So you can do any things while cooking!


  • It comes with four probes. Probe wraps help to solve the storage, make your kitchen or grill tidier—temperature measurement range from 32°F to 572°F. The wire is crafted with metal braiding & upgraded Teflon core capable of withstanding up to 716°F. Probe wraps help to solve the storage, make your kitchen or grill tidier—no mess up.


  • The most simultaneous meat probes around, all easy to use with a great and very responsive app for convenient monitoring.
  • One-Button Setup: No tedious setup steps, just one button to turn on/off and backlit.

  • Four Probe Capacity: This Soraken thermometer has four different probes, and you can track each of these separately by their app to cook so many dishes like a rack of ribs, a chicken, and sausages at the same time.

  • Magnetic Backing: The main thermometer section has a magnetic backing so that you could place this on most metal surfaces such as the oven, fridge, or non-heated surfaces of a grill.

  • Warranty: It has a warranty of 12 months.

  • Capacity: The Probes are lean and short, so that makes it inconvenient to poke into large meats to get an accurate reading inside the smoker. Sometimes it may take much time to reach the actual temperature.

  • Clean-Up Issue: It may damage if you put this thermometer under dishwasher & No microwave oven supports.

5. Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

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  • Four probe capacity (two meat probes included)
  • Meat probes are heat resistant up to 716˚FLED temperature display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 200-hour battery life (batteries included)
  • Magnetic: Measures -22°F (-30°C) to 572°F (300°C)
  • Preset temperatures: Temperature monitoring, and many other features offered in Weber iGrill app
  • Weber iGrill App: Available on App Store and Google Play
  • Weber has presented the latest iGrill 2 Bluetooth thermometer. iGrill 2 uses Bluetooth to pair the thermometer unit with your phone.


  • You just need to install their free application. After connecting the app with your phone, you can monitor the food temperature. This thermometer comes with four-probe capacity, including two meat probes. You will get notified when your meat is cooked at your set temperature.


  • The meat probes can resist heat up to 716˚FLED temperature display. It is very hard to cook meat at the perfect temperature, but the iGrill makes it a lot easier to execute the perfect meal. This iGrill comes with the most exciting pieces of technology compared to other products. There is also a complete iGrill starter kit that includes the two meat probes and an additional ambient probe which is also available on Amazon.
  • Probe  Size: It supports four-probe capacity, including two meat probes. You can also measure several pieces of meat at once.

  • Bluetooth & Pairing: The iGrill has fast pairing technology. It takes 2/3 seconds to connect with your device. Though the range is lower compared to other WiFi, still this device allows you to monitor the temperature by your Phone or iPad at the range of 150 ft.

  • Upgradation:  Aside from bug fixes and new features, The Soraken manufacturers are upgrading the app day by day for better understandings with the users.

  • Range Problem: There are some issues with the range of connections. It may disconnect from your device if are out of the range. There are chances of losing connection before the advertised 150 ft.

  • Battery Issue: If you keep using the iGrill app for a long time, then your phone’s battery may drain a little bit fast. When you close your phone the Bluetooth connection disconnects.

  • Clean-Up: You can not submerge in fluid, this thermometer is not waterproof. Always try to use a lint-free cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser to clean this thermometer.

6. ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

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  • Smart LCD Backlit Screen: 3 different backlight colors for visual indication of cooking.
  • Hands-Free Design: Wireless Digital Thermometer, allows you to control the temperature from the range of 300 feet away.
  • Preset Temperature Settings & Simple Setup
  • 3 Years Warranty:  1 year to 3 years warranty available.
  • Customer Service Facility:  Contact at 1877-515-7797 or ThermoPro US-based customer service available five days a week.
  • Thermo Pro has introduced a TP-07  digital wireless thermometer which is perfect for monitoring your meat temperature remotely at the best budget.


  • This TP-07 comes in dual probes that let you monitor the internal & food temperature from up to 300 feet away. It also features an alarm, including a visual indication with the three different backlight colors to inform you about your cooking. Once your food is perfectly cooked, the alarm function unit will beep and flash to alert you that the food has reached its set temperature.


  • TP-07 has a Preset Temperature Settings & Very Simple Set-Up. It is programmed with preset temperatures for various doneness levels recommended by USDA. But, you can also reset your own temperature that you want to set for cooking.   Transmitter and Receiver are pre-synchronized at manufacturing facility, and no synchronization/pair required once your cooking meat thermometer is received. All you need to do is just insert the batteries that are available in the package contents and then your thermometer is ready to use.


  • You can get one year to 3 years warranty. You just need to register your BBQ thermometer after buying to increase assurance one year to 3 years.
  • LCD Screen: It features LCD including a visual indication with the three different backlight colors that helps you to read the temperature easily, even you are using 8 meat probes.

  • Range Quality: This features an awesome range. You can easily monitor your meat from 300 feet away. You can do your other works too, you don’t need to stick together for a long time or again and again while you are cooking.

  • 8 Meat Presets and 5 Doneness Presets: TP-07 is programmed with 8 different meat presets Pork, Chicken, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Fish, and Poultry. It is also coupled with 5 Doneness Presets, which offers you to maintain the perfect temperature for medium meat.

  • Warranty: Users can get a one to three years warranty by registering at their site. For more details contact at 1877-515-7797 or

  • Button Setup & Accuracy: The button and the set up is really confusing. You need to study the user manual to program this thermometer. And, the probe is quite small, sometimes most of the unit work slowly. So, if you put large pieces of meat then the temperature probe may work slowly. It may not also show the proper temperature.

  • Lack of Features: There are no Up & Down buttons in this TP-07. Some of the units are not shockproof, splash-proof, which makes the quality of the product a low and less durable thermometer.

7. Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill Thermometer

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  • Notes for This Bluetooth Grill Thermometer Thermometer: Please make sure the Bluetooth barbecue thermometer probes are firmly inserted into the Wireless BBQ thermometer ports. You may hear a click sound then. Otherwise will get an inaccurate temperature. For example, the temperature may display 572F or other inaccurate readings if the probes didn’t insert well.
  • Temperature Range: 32° F ~ 572 ° F; (Short-time measurement); 32° F~ 482 ° F (continuous monitoring)
  • Let You Free When Grilling: This Inkbird 4 probes thermometer can pair with Android or iPhone (Please make sure the GPS location is open when connecting with an Android phone). Read your cooking temperature by your phone anywhere (Connecting distance range up to 150ft/50M). High-temperature accuracy could let you be rest for your cooking. No need to worry about your meal overdone with this Grill Thermometer.
  • Magnetic Design and Large LED Screen: The magnetic design on the back of the Inkbird Ibt-4xs could be adsorbed on the smoker or oven etc. strongly. Another amazing design is that LED reading could be rotated by double touching the power key. You can read the temperature value on any side. The digital tube of the Bluetooth smoker thermometer LED is 2.2” x 1”
  • Rechargeable battery and Temperature Graph in App: The Bluetooth meat thermometer battery can last for about 40 hours once fully recharged. The remote range is 150 feet in outside places. The thermometer app is with the graph function. You could view the Temperature change through the graph.
  • What You Get: 1 x Smart Meat Thermometer, 3 meat Probes and 1 ambient probe, 1x USB charging cable, 1 x Manual, Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this policy just in case you experience any issues with it. Get yours today, skyrocket your grilling performances and make everyone wonder!
  • The alarm will be triggered on the device and your phone when food temperature reaches your programmed temperature.


  • No need to worry about overcooked or undercooked, you can entertain your friends in the meanwhile. The magnet can stick the base unit to the grill or oven.


  • You could absorb the thermometer on the grill or oven. Easily and conveniently read the temperature reading. Built-in Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-Battery with 1.64ft USB Charging Cable
    It is with 1000mAh Li-battery. It could be on up to 40 hours while fully charging and completely meet your smoking and grilling.


  • The USB rechargeable battery is convenient and practical to you. Please note that you don’t charge the thermometer when it is in working. Large LCD Screen and the Rotatable Reading Display. Much Larger LED screen which is streamlined and user-friendly.


  • You can read more clearly in the related far distance. The display is rotatable in case the probe wires get in the way when attached to your grill. Just double touch the rotatable button twice.
  • Magnetic Design and Large LED Screen: The Inkbird IBT-4Xs has a strong magnetic backing, that helps to catch any surface near your smoker, grill, oven, or another cooking device.

  • Alarms: The IBT-4XS also features with a low-temperature alarm. It automatically blows up when the temperature gets very low and needs to adjust

  • App: You can control the device up to 150 feet outside (probably less if it must go through partitions ) via a program for iOS or Android phones. This is the place where the screen features actually arrive. While the true face of this device simply shows the temperature, the program includes numerous different choices and readouts, such as a thorough graph showing changes in temperatures.

  • Connections: The connectors for the meat probes seem to be finicky. It is pointed out multiple times that you need to ensure they’re properly pushed in to ensure accurate readings. This is likely because it uses very light duty connectors as compared to the heavier, “grippier” cables a lot of other meat thermometers use.

  • Meat Probes: The probes are quite small and finicky. These are perfect for smaller cuts of meat.

  • Heat Issue: Sometimes, It shows troubleshooting heating regulation problems at the time of cooking.


How to use grill thermometer?

It is very easy to use a grill thermometer. First, you need to pair with Android or iPhone (Please make sure the GPS location is open when connecting with an Android phone). Read your cooking temperature by your phone anywhere (Connecting distance range up to 150ft/50M). High-temperature accuracy could let you be rest for your cooking. No need to worry about your meal overdone with this Grill Thermometer.

What are the advantages of grill thermometer?

You may miss your target temperatures and overcook. So by using a leave-in probe grill thermometer you can easily check internal temperatures of your grill. The alarm function will notify you when the food is cooked at the perfect temperature.

The grill thermometer has a strong magnetic backing, that helps to catch any surface near your smoker, grill, oven, or another cooking device.


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